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Terms and conditions

1. Object

Using this tool you can buy, in an easy and safe way, the ICE-WATCH® watches as well as other products of the brand, whose models and references are offered on this website. All purchases/sales held through this site will be subject to the terms and conditions herein mentioned, which are understood to be accepted at the time of the sending the Order Forms.

2. The supplier identification

The supplier of the products offered here is POLKA TRADING SAS., NIT. 900.291.893-2, company that owns the website and domiciled in Cali, telephone 524 4433

To obtain more company information, please visit the web site

The company may at any time assign its supplier position, or seller under the contracts that take place through this website, to any other third party suitable to assume such positions, and without the need for authorization or approval of any third party.

3. Requirements and buying process

3.1 The capacity of the buyer

To purchase the products offered here, you must have legal capacity to contract in accordance with the laws of the country of your residence.

3.2 System requirements

For the realization of the purchase process, it may be necessary to comply with certain specific requirements for software, hardware or internet connection, which will be pointed out in this portal.

However, POLKATRADING SAS would not be responsible neither for the faulty use of this page, neither of the interruptions produced during downloads, or any other effects that may be generated to the buyer, and arising from failure to comply with the requirements of software, hardware, or other necessary elements.

3.3 Processing and sending the Order Form

To buy the ICE-WATCH® watches and the other products offered, the Order Form provided on this page must be filled out and sent. By sending this form, you will be giving your unconditional acceptance to the terms and conditions of the contract.

3.4 Price and term of the offer

The price to pay for the ordered product will be those posted for this on this page.

All prices indicated here are expressed in Colombian pesos, and include all applicable taxes.

The value corresponding to the shipping and handling charges which may be applicable, will only be added to the price of the product which will depend on the destination and the chosen way of transportation, depending on the different options offered here.

In any case, the prices and conditions offered shall be understood effective, only, during the session opened by you. Thus, prior to the confirmation of an order, you should revise the prices specified for the selected product, as well as the value corresponding to the applicable delivery costs, since no claims will be handled by errors in the assessment of such prices or costs.

The price and all charges applicable to the purchase made through this site will be pointed out on a purchase invoice, which will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by you, and also sent to your address, together with the product that you purchased.

Any concerns or general information required on your order, you can obtain it just by writing to customer service:

3.5. Payment methods

For the payment of the value of the purchase and other applicable expenses to the same, we give you the option to do so with credit card, debit or deposit to the account indicated by the format. For this purpose we have systems that provide maximum security in your transactions.

However, we recommend that you take special care with the use of credit cards used to pay for an order, since the proper handling of it is your responsibility, and therefore, there will not be admissible claims arising out of the unauthorized or fraudulent use of them.

4. Delivery of the orders

The delivery of the orders we will do it directly or through logistics agencies or qualified transportation companies. We'll use all the measures at our disposal to carry out each timely delivery and to the satisfaction of the buyer and/or the recipient.

Orders will be delivered only in the address indicated by you in the corresponding Order of Order. Therefore, we take no responsibility for failure to make delivery, resulting from the inaccuracy in the information provided or the absence of the recipient.

Please keep in mind that deliveries will be subject to the following eventualities:

(i) In buildings, urbanizations, hospitals, public buildings and other properties in which the access is restricted to the public in general, shall be understood to be met fully with the placing of the product at the disposal of the recipient in the gate, reception or place that makes the times of access control in the respective building.

(ii) It will be guaranteed the delivery of the orders within the time limits referred to in the relevant paragraph of this web page, according to the system of transportation and the destination chosen by you. However, in the days, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, there is no delivery service, so that such circumstances must be taken into consideration in the calculation of the delivery date.

(iii) In specific periods of time such as the Christmas season, long weekends, when strikes of transportation are raised, as well as other extraordinary events, the shipments may suffer delays, which you may not impute to the supplier, and no one shall not require the payment of prejudice, delay, nor adds any amount for any concept.

(iv) Would not be guaranteed deliveries at specific times. The marking of a specific delivery time, would be treated as a simple manifestation of preference of the buyer and shall be taken as indicative. However, such circumstance will be communicated to the carrier for that, to the extent possible, and without that is understood some assumption of obligation or liability on their behalf neither of the supplier, ensure the delivery within the suggested time.

5. Warranties

All products are warranty covered directly by the manufacturer. For the exercise of the warranty corresponding to the ICE-WATCH® watches, shall be taken into consideration the following: (i) the warranty is issued in favor of the buyer, for a validity period of two (2) years; (ii) the warranty is related to the quality of the product itself, excluding the batteries. Therefore, is not provided any guarantee to the use of the product; (iii) the guarantee of waterproof expires at the time in which the first battery replacement is carried out; and (iv) the enforceability of the warranty requires its presentation on the part of the buyer, at the places indicated by the supplier or in the same written warranty, along with the purchase receipt and the dedication stamp where the purchase date is shown.

For other products offered on this page, the policies and procedures indicated by each manufacturer or wholesale company for the covering of warranties must be considered, which shall be transmitted by the supplier to the buyer in the information published on this page for the respective product, or by the relevant material that will be collected with this.

However, in either case the supplier will supervise, will accompany and will make every effort so that the warranty would be covered, provided there is proof of purchase, the product is in perfect condition, has not been badly handled and the packing is complete and in perfect condition.

For the above mentioned, it will be required to follow the following procedure: (i) The buyer should communicate with us at the above mentioned service line and report the damage; (ii) our staff will make a telephone diagnosis and they will provide him with a tracking number to follow-up the service; and (iii) we will inform him the steps to be followed depending on the product and the manufacturer, and in an electronic way will keep him informed about the status of his claim.

6. Withdrawal of the purchase

Our only interest is your total satisfaction, for this reason, if you are not happy with the acquired product, you will be able to make a return of the same, showing us your intention in this regard through the line of service to the client or to the mailing address indicated above, within the return deadline in the Consumer's law, that is to say, within seven (7) following days to the delivery date of the respective order.

Keep in mind that the expenses for the concept of freight charges will be assumed by you, and that refund only proceeds if the product and original packaging are in perfect condition.

7. Intellectual property rights

All the intellectual property rights, industrial or other, including, but without being limited to, any copyright, patents, trademarks, designs, photographs, images and source codes, relative to this web based platform are exclusive property of the Supplier, or of their subordinates or legally or commercially linked companies.

The buyer, under penalty of responding for the damages that he causes and of confronting with the respective actions, he will abstain of, direct or indirectly, to copy, to modify, to alter, to publish, to communicate, to distribute, to sell or to transmit materials of this platform or its source code, or of the downloads carried out, in whole or in part, without the previous authorization and in writing of the Supplier.

8. Law and applicable jurisdiction

The sales and purchases of the products offered on this web site shall be governed in accordance with the present terms and conditions, and in matters not foreseen for these they will have the application of the laws of the Republic of Colombia.

The controversies that are arisen for the interpretation or execution of the celebrated contracts shall be subject to the decision of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Cali (Valle del Cauca), Colombia.