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Ice-Watch is the publisher of the present site. Its head office is located at Avenue Mathieu 37R, B-6600 Bastogne, Belgium. Register of the company: XXXXXXXXXX

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The Ice-Watch brand and its partner brands, as well as the logos on the web site are registered trademarks protected by intellectual property rights. Unless the owners have given their prior written authorisation, use of these brands and logos is strictly prohibited. Any non-authorized use of one of these protected brands or logos is considered an imitation offence and may be prosecuted by legal authorities.

Intellectual property rights

This web site and its content, including the text, fixed and animated pictures, the database, the programs, scripts, etc. are the property of Ice-WatchL. By virtue of intellectual property rights, any reproduction (downloading, printing,..), representation, adaptation, translation, transformation and/or transfer towards another site of one or several elements cited previously are prohibited without the prior written authorization of Ice-Watch and/or the rights holder. Any non-authorized use of this content is considered an imitation offence and can give rise to legal prosecution and the payment of awarded damages. Ice-Watch only provides visualisation authorization of the content for personnel or private and professional use, with the exception of any public diffusion. The authorization for reproduction is only granted in digital format on your consultation computer, for the visualization of web pages on your web browser only. Printing is authorized for private use only, for the exclusive use of the person making the copy.

Hypertext links

With the exception of linking sites that diffuse illegal or pornographic information and/or content, it is possible to create a link from any web site to Ice-Watch's web site (homepage or internal page) under condition of previously informing Ice-Watch by sending an email addressed to the webmaster. Hypertext links on the web site can lead to other web sites. Your visit on those web sites is your responsibility. Ice-Watch can not be held responsible for suggesting these hypertext links and for the content of those web sites. You can not, in any case, hold Ice-Watch responsible for direct or indirect damages caused by the use of a third-party web site linked to Ice-Watch's web site. Any fake links or links leading to web sites with pornographic or illegal content must be reported to AlterEgo's webmaster. Any other use not expressed in these conditions is forbidden and requires the prior written authorization of Ice-Watch.


Non-personal information may be collected with cookies by Ice-Watch when you surf the web site. Cookies are text files used by the web site to recognize users to facilitate and personalize their use of the web site. Cookies are not programs, they can not disturb or corrupt the user's computer system, either destroy files or modify programs. They are used to collect information concerning the web pages consulted, and the relative dates and hours of the consultation. Ice-Watch does not control the use of the cookies by third parties, for example by advertisers, or those cookies collected by third-party web sites where part of our web site is hosted. You can at any time protect your computer from the use of cookies by using the functions of your web browser. However, certain functions of the web site require the use of cookies (customization, alerts, etc.).


You acknowledge that the Ice-Watch web site may contain some inaccuracies in its content. Ice-Watch can not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of the web site or any information received on the web site. Ice-Watch can not be held responsible if ideas or images on the web site offend the sensibilities of certain persons. The Ice-Watch web site is accessible 24/24h. Ice-Watch can not be held responsible for any technical connexion problems, caused by completely unavoidable issues, maintenance, editorial updates, internal or external strikes, network breakdowns, power cuts, incorrect configuration of the user's computer or any other reason depending or not on their will. The data transfer time and rate of Ice-Watch's server to the Internet network are not guaranteed by Ice-Watch. Ice-Watch can not guarantee that the server and the web site are free from viruses. Ice-Watch can not be held responsible for a virus attack against your computer system.


The present web site was created in Belgium. By using this web site, you accept the terms and conditions of use described above, without prejudice to any contractual or criminal appeal against Ice-Watch. Any litigation related to the interpretation or execution of a contractual commitment to the present site will come under the exclusive competence of the Belgian courts and Belgian law. Any duplication of the present web site or of any of its elements is strictly forbidden.


Ice-Watch reserves the right to limit or cancel access to its services requiring an ID in the case of non-respect of its general conditions or in the case of a complaint lodged against it. Ice-Watch reserves the right to cancel access to its site to users who:

· Diffuse advertising or promotional messages on the web site, contrary to public order or good mores, and including materials that are violent, racist, revisionist, defend war crimes, are insulting or crude, are contrary to copyright or neighbour rights or any rights applicable to databases, brand rights, image rights, intellectual property rights or anything which would violate legal or regulatory provisions.

· Generate an overload on the server, notably by using the site to send non-solicited advertising messages. The worthlessness of one or more provisions of the general conditions of use, as stated in a legal decision, does not in any event, invalidate any other provisions.

Competent jurisdiction and applicable law

The present conditions of use are subject to Belgian law. Any difficulty in interpretation or execution is subject to the competent Belgian jurisdiction.